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Prof. Dong-Won Jung

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Jeju national University, Republic of Korea

    Professor Dong-Won Jung is a full professor from Jeju National University, which is one of Ten National Universities in Korea. Professor Dong-Won Jung works in Department of Mechancial Engineering since 1997. He has rich experience in metal forming and CAD/CAE fields. He is a professional reviewer of plenty Journals, such as KSME (Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers), KSPE(Korean Society for Precision Engineering), KSTP(Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity), KSAE(Korean Society for Automobile Engineers), Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology, Journal of Korea Society for Power System Engineering, the Korean Journal of CAE, etc. He also has lot of publications and academic conference experiences.

Prof. D. Shi

  • Dongyan SHI
    College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    Harbin Engineering University
    No. 145 Nantong Street, Harbin 150001, CHINA

    Dongyan SHI, born in 1965, is currently a professor and PhD candidate supervisor at College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China. Her research areas of interest focus on structural design and optimization, design method and theory, numerical analysis and computational method. SHI published more than 30 academic papers those were indexed by SCI and EI.